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How do I use the shower?

There is a 75 gallon water tank under the queen-sized bed.  This provides potable water for both the shower and the two sinks.  

  • Turn on tankless "Suburban" water heater (black control located across from bunk beds, under fire extinguisher).  Press the left power button.  Adjust the temperature with the up and down arrow buttons.  110 degrees Fahrenheit is just about right for showers.  The same process provides hot water to both sinks as well.

  • If desired, lower the gray privacy curtain. Undo the leather straps and secure the curtain rods on the upper and lower hooks on the inside bathroom wall.

  • To turn on the water, raise the orange shower external control to the 12 o'clock position.  The control is located on the wall behind the shower head, outside the shower.

  • Close the shower door.  It is a self-cleaning, pocket shower door.  Grab the handle and it will slide closed.  There is a ridge on the opposite side to secure it.

  • Shower head has a "pause" button on the handle.  This will help conserve water.  When the shower head is taken off of pause, the water heater will sense the water flow and will ignite.  This is normal for on demand water heaters.  

  • When finished showering, return the orange handle (exterior shut-off valve) back to the 3 o'clock position.  This will stop the dripping shower head and ensure that the water pump doesn't run all night.  

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