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How do I use it?

The Simple Answer -SIT DOWN, REGARDLESS of gender.

Type "ONE" usage (liquids)

  • Sit down like you would a normal toilet, nothing to flush.  The toilet diverts liquids to a separate tank.

  • Place used toilet tissue in the trash can provided or depress black lever (located on the window side of the tank) and deposit paper.  Close the trap door when finished.

  • Close toilet lid once finished.

Type "TWO" usage (solids)

  • Sit down.

  • Depress black lever (located on the window side of the tank).

  • Provide deposit.

  • Place toilet paper in hole.

  • Close trap door.

  • Close toilet lid once finished.

  • Turn the silver handle a few times to begin the composting process.

The compost  and liquid's tank are emptied and cleaned after each guest.  It is then filled with peat moss (the composting medium).  

Vent Fan

There is a Maxx Air fan located in the hallway outside the bathroom.  Due to the small footprint of the bus, it is highly recommended that you turn on the fan in the exhaust direction during bathroom usage. 

Composting Toilet: Welcome
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